We provide expert teams to deliver the following services:

Winsland services
Strategy and planning

We assist in the development of strategy, Master Plans, business plans and service/technology road-mapping. We use enterprise architecture as a strategic tool to inform decision making.

Performance management

We assess current performance and work with clients to identify areas for improvement and deliverable targets.

Business case development

We undertake cost benefit analysis and consult with internal and external stakeholders to develop compelling business cases.

Development of operations

We evaluate options for changes in operational configuration and create new operational concepts and develop them into requirements using system engineering disciplines.

Collaborative leadership

We facilitate the development of strong partnerships between organisations that require a high level of cooperation to achieve their business outcomes. Download our brochures on Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), Airport CDM or come to an introductory training course.


We have worked extensively on operational systems and processes to deliver additional capacity, release latent ATM system capacity and improve flight efficiency.

Corporatisation and privatisation

We assist ATM organizations in the transition to become separate corporate entities, including the separation of regulation and service provision. We also support the sale of organisations through technical due diligence.