Our focus is to deliver high quality business and technical consulting services. We mostly work in the aviation sector, helping our clients improve their business and operational performance. We have a first class reputation in air traffic management and airports. We have a considerable depth of expertise, combining career consultants with experienced individuals who have held senior management positions in world-leading organisations. This combination of skills enables us to provide our clients with the best advice – solutions that are innovative, thoughtful, robust and complementary to our clients’ vision and strategy.

Our staff have worked for service providers and regulators throughout the world, solving problems, creating direction and momentum, providing advice and guidance material.

Our ethos

We aim to work closely with our clients, creating a joint-team environment where we listen, understand and provide adept solutions. Only by fully understanding the context and subtleties of engagements are we able to produce outputs that fit the intended outcomes. We believe in delivering lasting value, which means we seek to deliver re-usable solutions and transfer knowledge.