Operations development projects

Review of Takoradi operations and infrastructure. Winsland completed a review of the air traffic services infrastructure supporting Tullow Oil operations in Ghana. The review was to assess: the status of services, as provided by the Ghana Air Force and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority; the impact of traffic growth; and options for investment in new infrastructure. The review covered operations between Accra and Takoradi, and Takoradi and the offshore platform (Jubilee Field), including CNS/ATM and Meteorological equipment.

Operational concept and business case for DDR Phase 2. The Demand Data Repository (DDR) is an integral component of the proposed architecture for the DMEAN ‘Network Information Management System’ (NIMS). Winsland developed an operational concept and business case for EUROCONTROL. The concept was based on Eurocontrol’s initial ideas refined through stakeholder consultation. The business case was stress-tested at a stakeholder workshop before submission.

Support to FAB CE detailed contingency planning. In support of FAB Central Europe, comprising ANSPs in seven central European States, Winsland developed requirements for a future joint Contingency Plan and identified potential areas of collaboration. The work considered possible bilateral and multi-lateral contingency and the enablers essential to successful implementation, including the resources and financial commitment required.

Network flow management. For the EU’s Network Manager, Winsland studied the benefits of predictability that should arise from improved adherence to flight plans. The work involved analysing sector occupancy data and interviewing flow management experts from 8 ACCs (Flow Managers, Watch Supervisors, Capacity Managers and Operations Managers). The results of the study were critical in helping understand the so-called ‘latent capacity’, and convincing stakeholders of the benefits of evolving current flight management practices.

Support to UK Ministry of Defence Key Systems Advisor. One of Winsland’s team took the role of Commercial Lead for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Key System Advisor (KSA), in support of Niteworks. The KSA was a joint Industry-MoD consulting taskforce to advise on Enterprise Planning and Enterprise Architecture for the MoD’s ‘Network Enabled Capability’ (NEC).