Strategy and innovation projects

Marketing positioning support to Inmarsat. Winsland supported Inmarsat to position the SwiftBroadband service as the pragmatic solution to future air traffic management satcom requirements. The work involved an understanding of the complex interplay of user requirements, industrial-political interests and decision-making processes in the air transport sector.

Investigation of the impact of FABs on network performance. For the Eurocontrol Directorate of Single Sky (DSS) we investigated the potential impact of FABs on the performance of the network in the light of the establishment of the SES performance scheme, the nomination of the Network Manager and the SESAR related aspects.

Strategy review of ‘Niteworks’. Niteworks is a strategic decision-support capability supported by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and operating as a strategic partnership between the MoD and UK defence Industry. Winsland supported the development of Niteworks’ future strategy. The role taken was to specify and gather the detailed evidence needed to support the strategy review, conducting consultations with Niteworks staff and analysing data.