The Team

Dr Martin HAWLEY

Martin has been a consultant for over 20 years, working at the interface of business, operations and technology. He expertise includes policy, strategy, cost benefit analysis, operational concepts, safety, cyber security and the environment. He has worked globally for both operators and regulators and has held several interim management positions within them. Martin has excellent communication skills and is well known for building relationships with clients and stakeholders. He has worked with aviation stakeholders in over 20 States including the military and professional associations.


Paul has wide experience across a range of disciplines including operations, regulation, technology, human resources and economics. He has several years’ experience in senior executive roles in an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and led the development of business plans and associated change management strategies for ANSPs in Europe and worldwide. He has led technical due diligence and change management planning for several ANSPs including enroute and terminal services as wells as implementation scenarios for remote (digital) tower operations. He has worked extensively in Single European Sky projects including FABs and the performance and charging scheme.


Paul is a highly experienced manager in air navigation services. For UK NATS he held senior management posts including as leader of the strategic development team and programme director for the capital project portfolio. As a technology leader he has a track record of delivering strategic systems and their regulatory approvals. Paul has extensive through life systems knowledge (design, operation, integration, transition into service and maintenance) and safety regulation. He has undertaken strategic planning roles which have required him to evaluate and draft substantial business cases covering a wide range of ATC systems and FABs.

Dr Karol GŐTZ

Karol specialises in developing analytical models and tools and has a particular expertise in cost benefit analysis. He has led CBA modelling for projects such as Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and an airport operations control centre (APOC/AOCC). He developed a novel risk assessment database to support the cyber security work in SESAR. Karol has a PhD in advanced airspace use optimisation, an MSc in Aviation (aerospace, meteorology, aviation and air navigation services) and he has completed 18 months training as an air traffic controller for the Czech ANS.