Linkin Martin - 1 B+W_whiteDr Martin Hawley has 15 years experience in airport and air traffic management consulting, and has worked with the majority of ANSPs and NSAs in Europe. He specializes in business, strategy and performance issues. He is an excellent public speaker, experienced conference chairman and work-shop facilitator. He has led and participated in many of the Single Sky projects, including ‘functional airspace block’ (FAB), European Commission and Performance Review studies. His experience includes corporate strategy, environment, airport capacity, safety, security, policy and institutional issues, performance management, benchmarking, developing operational concepts, business and master planning, cost benefit analysis and producing business cases. He has a good knowledge of policy, legal and institutional issues from assignments within the UK CAA and various international projects. Martin has developed a variety of guidance and communications material, including for pilots, controllers and regulators. Martin is also the founder of Boardcircle.

Paul Christiansen has a background at senior levels in ANSP operations management and 10 year’s consulting for ANSPs and NSAs, Paul’s experience includes assessing ANSP performance, design of incentive schemes and development of business plans for aviation entities. Paul has recently assisted EUROCONTROL in monitoring the implementation of the Single European Sky and advised on contingency planning for central European States. His experience includes Cost Benefit Analysis, development of business cases, evaluation of new operational concepts, implementation of new technology and Human Resource management.

Paul Thomas is a highly experienced ATM manager and consultant. Paul led the UK NATS Strategic Development Team, was Programme Director for the Capital Project Portfolio and Leader of the New En-route Centre Recovery programme, bringing together diverse systems and processes to successfully transition into service Europe’s most complex ATC Centre. Paul has been responsible for preparing the NATS business plan that was presented to the company’s board and investment partners. He has also undertaken strategic planning roles covering a wide range of ATC systems including software systems and FABs. Since transitioning to a consulting career, Paul has been involved in a variety of projects such as operational concept development, ATC contingency, business case development and security management.